[squid-users] MEMORY usage

From: Oleg Sorokin <olegs.sorokins@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 09:02:17 +0200

can anybody help me with the following question???

the problem is the next... i've set cache_mem 45M ( i've 128M on the pc )...
after restarting, squid uses as it shows in the squid.conf file ~ 45-48MB
of memory...
but after several days squid already uses 90% of total memory ~
110-115MB...and still
i've set memory_pool off ( to make squid to free memory - as i
but nethertheless the persantage of memory using is still grows...:((

pls, f1...how to control squid memory usage???
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