RE: [squid-users] Yahoo Messenger Problem

From: Bryan Ragon <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 13:16:29 -0500

Since I installed our squid server all of our users have had intermittent
disconnect problems (which was an improvement over before, when they
couldn't use aim at all). Since last Monday about they have been completely
unable to connect to aim at all. I think it may be a result of the changes
in the oscar protocol that aol put into effect on it's server side in order
to "break" trillian. I suspect this because both happened on the same day.
And changing how your servers handle a protocol in order to "break" a third
party client while keeping yours working _could_ have the affect of breaking
your own legitimate clients behind a particular (or maybe all) http proxies.

How about it, is there anyone out there who still has aim client users going
through squid to connect to the aim server's? How stable is their

If anyone out there could give us possibly some more insight it would be


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Recently our users have some problem with yahoo messenger. all users who
set their proxy to a squid box disconnected every 5 minutes.
this problem is seen recently and we have not any problem before it.

Mahmoud Taghizadeh
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