[squid-users] Strange squid slowdown UPDATE

From: Bgs himself <bgs@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 13:26:00 +0100 (MET)

 Hi all !

It seems that my previous mail was a bit premature. The problem is related
to the 'usual memory prob' after all. When sequentially downloading the
some 90MB file, squid eats up to 100MB of memory and the whole squid
slowsdown to a few hundred bytes/sec. The others client are dropped with
errorcode 0 and 0 trafic etc.

As mentionde in my previous mail mem_cache is set to 8MB. Does the 512M
file cache consume that much memory ?

BTW: I have memory_pools enabled and limited to 5MB.

According to the 3*mem_cache+memory_pool=29MB, the rest of squid (and the
file cache stuff) consume as much as 70MB. I know squid's memory limits
are quite flexible but this (IMHO) seems a little bit abnormal even for
that ?

What do you say gurus ? :)

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