[squid-users] Blocking Certain URLS

From: William Carty <admin@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 19:38:13 -0500


I'm trying to set up some porn filtering with Squid.

I found something that seems to work, I just added a couple of acl's /
rules like these:

acl porn url_regex "/etc/squid/wordlist"
acl notporn url_regex "/etc/squid/excluded"

http_access allow notporn
http_access deny porn

I just have two flat files containing words / urls to filter for. Seems
to work okay.

The only problem I have is blocking urls that contain dashes. For


In the wordlist file, I have 'screw' & 'sex'. Had the url been:

www.screwforsex.com - it would have gotten blocked.

I've tried adding a few url's with dashes directly to the wordlist file
like this:


That doesn't work either.

Does anyone know how I could input url's with dashes in to this text
file so that they get blocked, too?

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