[squid-users] What's wrong with squid ? Why it eats all the bandwidth?

From: MacDermat <macdermat@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 07:35:13 +0330


I operate a small ISP with a 1Mb/s connection. We have seen a strange thing
recently. Suddenly all our bandwidth becomes busy. Even when I disconnect
all users from our 3600 router (E1 Dialup lines) bandwidth remains busy
(about whole 1MB/s) and comes to zero after a while (15 - 45 Minutes).

I have investigated our windows machines for Nimada and other visuses. Even
when I disconnect windows machines this continues.

We are connected to the internet through a 2600 series Cisco router.

These are results of my recent observations in 3 ISPs. (I use squid there)

Even though I had disconnected all users there was about 100 connections
(using netstat -a). As soon as I killed squid processes bandwidth came to
zero. Is there any bug with squid?

Any comments is appereciated.


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