[squid-users] For Hegedus Ervin

From: Aleksey Trubin <aleks@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 15:55:13 +0400

  Hegedu"s Ervin wrote:

>>It's a pity... I didn't test these modules I use pam authentication with
>>radius server and have no problems.
>Can you help me in these thing?
>How can I start? I compile this module, but where can I
>configure the raduis server?
>Do you use some extra 'non-ascii' characters in password?
>And can you make a multi-level group auth? For example,
>there is 2 group, g1 & g2, and g1 can browse all of Internet
>sites, but g2 can just example linux.org, bsd.org...
This is the part of my pam.conf
# Squid
squid auth sufficient pam_radius.so
squid password required pam_radius.so

and here is a radius.conf
auth <here must be your radius secret key> # just in case...
auth <your radius server IP> < your radius secret key>

And, of course, your radius server must have sane sekret key...
After this squid users will be authenticated using radius server users file.
!!! One IMPORTANT thing - all squid users MUST be system users! I.e. you
must add them to your system! (I gave them /bin/date shell...)

2. And second problem is pure squid problem... For instance:

acl password proxy_auth REQUIRED
acl group1 proxy_auth REQUIRED "/usr/local/squid/etc/acls/group1"
acl group2 proxy_auth REQUIRED "/usr/local/squid/etc/acls/group2"
acl allowed url_regex -i "/usr/local/squid/etc/acls/allowed"
http_access allow group1 password
http_access allow group2 allowed password
http_access deny all

and files with URL like this:

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