Re: [squid-users] Squid and DNS

From: Fran Boudraux <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 05:57:23 -0500

MessageNope, it does have 'appned dns suffix' ( in dns properties and the same happens on thewin95-98 workstations (the get suffix from dhcp)
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  I'm not THE expert, but it looks as though your client is running W2K, ME or XP and it is not in the domain (in it's DNS tab under TCP/IP properties it doesn't have anywhere)
  What gives me the clue is that the FQDN seems to resolve, but for one of those above OS's to assume a domain (the domain) seems to have to be in the clients DNS setup under TCP/IP.
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    Subject: [squid-users] Squid and DNS

    Squid 2.4.stable.
    I need some clarification regarding how squid works with local dns server.Here is the setup:
    Squid configured to use the following name resolvers: (cat /etc/resolv.conf)
    search # search local dns server first
    nameserver # local dns server
    nameserver # ISP dns sevrer
    nameserver # ISP secondary dns server

    All workstation set to use this proxy server, have 'Bypass proxy for local addresses' enabled, and have only one dns server setup in ip properties (

    What I don't undersand is the following:
    Let's say local dns server holds local domain name and it has entry for ultra1which is:
    ultra1 IN A # running local intranet web server

    When I ping ultra1 from Sqiod box I get the reply from
    When I ping ultra1 from the dns server itself I get the reply from
    When I ping ultra1 from the workstation I get the reply from
    When I open the browser and type http://ultra1 I can get to the site.
    Now I go to the IE browser and go to the proxy settings and unmark Bypass proxy for local addresses and I receive error message from proxy server that address cannot be found in local cache.(If I type I can access it)
    1. How come proxy server can resolve the address, dns server can resolve the address, workstation can resolve the address, but when I unmark Bypass proxy for local addresses it doesn't work?
    2. When browser is configured to use proxy then dns name resolution request for the site isn't done on the workstation, but rather proxy machine tries to resolve the name for the workstation, right? If this is correct then why when I unmark Bypass proxy for local addresses on browser it doesn't work?

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