Re: [squid-users] Some Questions!

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 12:21:27 +0100

On Friday 15 February 2002 05.54, Hamed Abangar wrote:
> Dear Members
> I have some questions:
> 1.what is dns caching?

Caching of DNS lookups to avoid excessive DNS lookups.

> 2.which protocols are cacheable?

In Squid? HTTP, plus HTTP proxying of FTP and Gopher. Internally it
also caches DNS lookups for it's own use to improve performance.

> 3.If we configur our browser(for example in IE)to use
> the same proxy setting for all protocols,does squid
> cache other protocols?(I know squid is a http cache
> server)

Yes, except for SSL which cannot be cached as it is only tunneled via
proxies as it is encrypted with the actual requests and content only
visible to the browser and the origin server.

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