Re: [squid-users] aufs?

From: Marc Elsen <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 16:19:58 +0100

"Moderow, Kevin" wrote:
> What is the status of aufs?
> I am running 2.5PRE3 on Red Hat 7.1, one CPU, 512MB RAM. This server has
> heavy requests and yet low cpu ( at least according to 'top' ).
> Should I use aufs? Should I '--enable-async-io' in my configure?

 You are running a PRE release,so..., take into account that fact.
 I use it in 2.4S3 and it is quite stable,for me.

 Whether you should use it ? The general feeling seems to be
 that if you have more then a low load, on your SQUID,then it
 will always be benefitial.

 It's also supposed to work better on Linux, and 'diskd' would
 be more optimal on FreeBSD , do I don't have any experience
 with 'diskd'.


> Thanks much.

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