Re: [squid-users] blocking a url list

From: Squid Support (Henrik Nordstrom) <>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 12:58:35 +0100

Use the dstdomain acl..

acl banned dstdomain "/path/to/first/file" "/path/to/other/file"

In the files, put one site name or .domain per line.


On Tuesday 19 February 2002 09:26, Li Xiang wrote:
> Sorry, maybe it is just a silly question. i want to block a
> sequence of urls. i want to use several files (for different group
> of urls). inside the files i would just write one web site like
>, and i wish all pages from that website be
> blocked. can you suggest me a way of doing so?
> thanks in advance,
> Li Xiang

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