Re: [squid-users] persistent http with pushback

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 00:53:28 +0100

On Wednesday 20 February 2002 23:31, Alex Rousskov wrote:

> Moreover, the presense of multipart/byteranges type affects message
> length calculation and, hence, has direct influence on any HTTP/1.1
> implementation (section 4.4 of the RFC) regardless of whether one
> wants to manipulate ranges.

I stand corrected. HTTP/1.1 servers can delimit messages using the
multipart/byterages content type, but only for 206 replies in
response to multi-ranged requests. (section 14.16, 19.2, 4.4), and
MUST NOT when talking to a HTTP/1.0 client or proxy (section 4.4).

When talking th a HTTP/1.0 client or proxy other delimiting methods
must be used. The multipart/byterange content type may however be
used if the client sent a multi-range request.

So in HTTP/1.1 there is actually two methods where the HTTP message
may be of unknown length and payload is selfdelimiting:

  a) Chunked encoding
  b) multipart/byterange entities

However, neither of these message delimiting methods exists in
HTTP/1.0 and MUST NOT be used for delimiting purposes on replies to
HTTP/1.0 requests, and chunked encoding cannot be used at all in
HTTP/1.0 as there is no way to negotiate it.

Should also note that multipart content types do not change
Content-length. The message entity is the whole multipart entity, not
the individual parts.

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