Re: AW: [squid-users] Log Rotation doesn't work

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 22:24:12 -0600

The Red Hat (and probably all other Red Hat derived OS variants) RPM is
patched to set log_rotate to 0, and instead uses the logrotate tool to
handle rotations. This is a fine thing...but if you insist on handling
rotations yourself, that's fine too. (When Squid has log_rotate set to
zero, it simply reopens the file, which is how logrotate causes Squid to
start a new log after the rotation.)

DC wrote:

> Hi, one more thing you might have missed. Just my
> guess.
> logfile_rotate 10
> You must have forgotten to set this in squid.conf.
> I did the same thing and the log file never rotated,
> even though squid docs. says that by default it has
> some value.
> Thanks.
> -Shant
> --- "Rost, Werner" <> wrote:
>>Again I think Squid misses the pid-file.
>>I would try the following steps:
>>1. kill all Squid processes ( kill -9 <pid> )
>>2. Start squid again
>>3. Looking for the pid file. Where does it reside?
>>Why does it not exist?
>>Missing permission of the directory?
>>4. If the pid file exists you shuold be able to
>>rotate and shutdown squid.

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