RE: [squid-users] NTLM does not work

From: Bleh, Stephan, IT-T <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 13:34:08 +0100

The ntlm_auth seems to be OK, or not?
[cache log]
ntlm-auth[11701](ntlm_auth.c:277): managing request
ntlm-auth[11701](ntlm_auth.c:283): ntlm authenticator. Got 'YR' from Squid
ntlm-auth[11701](ntlm_auth.c:232): obtain_challenge: selecting
DSM01-08\S0_08301 (attempt #1)
ntlm-auth[11701](ntlm_auth.c:244): attempting challenge retrieval
ntlm-auth[11701](libntlmssp.c:119): Connecting to server S0_08301 domain
ntlm-auth[11701](ntlm_auth.c:246): make_challenge retuned 0x4151e4
ntlm-auth[11701](ntlm_auth.c:248): Got it
ntlm-auth[11701](ntlm_auth.c:430): sending 'TT


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> Hi!
> Ive the same problems, only the access log code is 407?
> Where could I find
> the error?

if 407 is the last entry in access.log then that indicates a problem with
NTLM - start by logging the authentication helper messages, and see what
they say - they may well indicate the problem.

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