Re: [squid-users] Cache hit ratio

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 19:19:09 -0600

My word, Philip, those were some big fonts! (Maybe mozilla-mail just
didn't like your html. Please don't forget to turn off HTML and MIME
encoded messages when sending to a mailing list--many people do not or
cannot read those messages.)

Hit ratios depend very much on your client population. In most ISPs you
will see anywhere from 25-40% request hit ratio with a 20-30% byte hit
ratio (both are usually somewhere in the middle). In businesses or
organizations with a similar browsing focus, that can be much higher. wrote:

> This is open for interpretation, but:
> As a general rule, what would be a good hit ratio for Squid.
> For example, in the General Run Time section of cache manager
> Request Hit Ratios: 5min:??? 60min:???
> What would be average figures to replace the "???" question marks in the
> above example?

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