[squid-users] Reverse-proxy + dynamic queries.

From: David Robillard <drobilla@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 12:50:39 -0500


Configure Squid as a reverse-proxy to cache dynamic queries to reduce the load on our web and app servers.

Our web servers send images as encrypted strings format, an example.html file looks like this:

< snip begin example.html >

<IMG SRC="http://hostname.test.domain.com:8081/application?G%1CM%40OB%5BNR%07QQ%1C%0ELOU%0EVVV%10%0ELWL%0EQSNKDBUR%0EGR%13%10%0ERHUD%0ESDRNTSBDR%0EQ%40BJ%40FDR%0EQNQTM%40UHNORRU%40SWL%0E%07QF%1C%0EVVV%0ELWL%0EQ%40BJ%40FDR%0EuDRUe%40U%40%13%0F%10cDU%40%0EF%40SLDOU%7EBE%07H%1C%0ELOU%0EVVV%10%0ELWL%0EQSNKDBUR%0EGR%13%10%0ERHUD%0EIUENBR%0EHL%40FDR%0EH%7ECJFO%40W%13%0FUF%40%07HQ%1C%0Eg%0E%10%0F%11%0F%13%0ECNEX%0EHL%40FDR%0ECNEX%7Eg%7Eg%7E%11%17ier%7Eoj%13%7Erb%11%10%7Ecss%7Egu%10%7E%60q%10%7Emh%11%12%7E%10%7E%10%7E%10%16%18%7E%15%11%11%0FQHB%07HQ%1C%0Eg%0E%10%0F%11%0F%13%0EID%40E%0EHL%40FDR%0EID%40E%7Eg%7Eg%7Eb%60%11%10%7Erb%11%10%7E%60f%13%">

< snip end example.html >

My test Squid reverse-proxy setup works fine for standard cacheble objects (i.e. text/gif/jpeg)
but it does not seem to cache the above URL. But caching the above URL is the primary purpose of
installing a squid reverse-proxy because the server running the application has a high load.

In this example, it is called by 'http://hostname.test.domain.com:8081/application?' from a
web server behind the squid reverse-proxy. So the image is generated by having the web
server query the app server in a dynamic manner.

To test the encypted string image, try this URL. The encrypted image is the girl model.

ASCII art network topology:
Internet <----> FW <----> Squid reverse-proxy <----> Web server <----> Application server

How can we cache the encrypted string?

I looked in the archive and FAQ for this, but found nothing I could use.
Should you need more information, please contact me.

Thank you.


David Robillard
UNIX admin
Received on Fri Feb 22 2002 - 10:59:54 MST

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