Re: [squid-users] Rehat 7.2 hangs Ml530

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 16:11:17 -0600

Squid has nothing to do with hardware failures or kernel bugs. This is
one of those two things. There is, and has been for months, a kernel
upgrade to 2.4.9 available from Red Hat errata. I recommend a kernel
upgrade first, and then contemplate checking out your hardware (memory
problems and CPU overheating are the two most common causes of freezing
systems I've seen).

Alireza saleh wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> I have installed Squid.2.4 last release from squid
> site. on the Compaq Ml530 server with 5300 smart array
> controller, "system reports parameter mismatch during
> boot process", My system has 512Mb ram . and I
> configured 2600Gb "cache level 1" and 1700 Gb "cache
> level 2", with cache_mem 200 mb, on the two reiserfs
> fs partitions. I enabled Wccp and using iptables on my
> redhat kernel 2.4.7-10.
> I rotate my log files every 24 hours and total load on
> my linux is 2Mbit receive and 1Mbit send.
> The problem is, my server hangs after working for 1.5
> day or a little more.
> Some error codes printed on the console and my box
> totally crash.
> The error codes are somthing like :
> Code <0056> <9856> ...
> would you please help me .
> Regards
> Shadow Man.

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