Re: [squid-users] mismatch incachemgr statistics

From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 00:17:52 -0600

You're just assuming that Squid is telling you about the same time
period for each stat. It isn't...Squid cachemgr stats are sometimes 5
minute averages, 15 minute averages, 60 minutes averages, and sometimes
since Squid started running. Usually they'll tell you to what it
refers, but HTTP req/sec from mgr:info does not--I believe it is a
process lifetime stat so is skewed towards a lower rate for a while
after starting up.

khiz code wrote:

> Hi
> i ve noticed a slight prob im the stastics reported by cachemgr
> in the Utilisation page i get
> client_http.requests = 19.028562/sec
> client_http.hits = 6.122871/sec
> Howvere general runtime info gives
> HTTP requests per minute: 579.7
> now this is way off mark
> it should ve been approximatley 1100 req atleast
> i m pretty okay at math :-)
> Khiz

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