[squid-users] problem in POST

From: H M Rajeev <hmrajeev@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 20:31:32 +0530


I am using Squid/2.3.STABLE4. When I am trying to compose and send the message in Hotmail( some other web pages also) IE displays the error message " No data is available for the requested resource" or " the connection with the server was reset". So, users are not able view the content of the web page. They have to refresh the page once again for proper display.

when I checked the access.log file I have found that users are getting above error when the request is made as "POST" method.

1014734533.000 5000 TCP_MISS/200 16829 POST http://lw10fd.law10.hotmail.msn.com/cgi-bin/premail/3270 - DIRECT/lw10fd.law10.hotmail.msn.com text/html

1014734563.000 8000 TCP_MISS/200 31157 POST http://lw10fd.law10.hotmail.msn.com/cgi-bin/HoTMaiL - DIRECT/lw10fd.law10.hotmail.msn.com text/html

is any configuration changes is required?
I am sure that there is no problem with IE settings.

please help

Thanks is advance

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