Re: [squid-users] force caching ?

From: Brian <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 02:01:54 -0500

On Wednesday 27 February 2002 01:51 am, Rommel, Florian wrote:
> The clients access the webserver more then once a minute but the data
> actually changes only once every 5 minutes. So i want to cache the data
> for a minute on the proxy. thats not a problem since i can set the
> expiration header in the data BUT, i cant set it everywhere and all URLs
> are something like . So i
> added these lines in the squid.conf:
> but still over 80% are actually pulled from the server all the time and
> not cached...

First, squid, to my knowledge won't cache an item if it expires in under 1
minute. You may need to settle for having the items expire after 2

Second, if the web servers are apache, see mod_expires. If not, see if
your server offers something similar.

        -- Brian
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