[squid-users] Problem w/ SQUID

From: Rafael Fajardo <rfajardo@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 14:03:43 +0800


    Why is it that when we use Internet Explorer to browse a website using SQUID as our proxy server, our browser have a hard time opening the site, it somewhat appends a prefix or suffix to the URL ( ex. www.yahoo.com --> www.www.yahoo.com or www.yahoo.yahoo.com ) . Actually this only happens to our dial up accounts wherein our NT server assigns a private ip automatically. Other workstationspre on our LAN w/c is under the same private IP Block which uses SQUID doesn't experience this kind of porblem. Is there any special configurations we have to do with SQUID to remedy this kind of problem? Thanks and more power.

Our Setup
  a.. 1 RedHat 7.1 Linux Server w/ 2 ethernet cards ,,, one w/ public ip ( gateway to the internet ) and one w/ a private ip (gateway to our internal LAN).
  b.. Squid-2.4 Stable1 (Installed)
  c.. Internal LAN IP BLOCK ( --> Allowed to use Squid using Ipchains
  a.. Our workstations w/ the Private IP can surf the web by configuring their browsers (IE) to use proxy.
  b.. Our NT RAS server assigns private Ip dynamically for our dial up users. This private ips is in the same IP Block with that of our workstations. The problem is when they configure their web browsers to use a proxy server, the problem of appending a prefix or suffix takes place thus we cannot surf the web.
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