RE: [squid-users] Re: ntlm won't prompt

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: 11 Jul 2003 17:24:47 +0200

fre 2003-07-11 klockan 16.41 skrev Henrik Nordstrom:

> * A OS mechanism whereby locally authenticated users can get access
> their own credentials in a secure manner without having to re-enter the
> password. For Digest this interface should provide two operations
> a) Give me a client nounce
> b) Give me a MD5-sess HA1 matching the above client nounce
> (realm and server nounce specified by the application,
> login is known by the OS and does not need to be specified)

Correction. The user application OS interface only needs one single

    Give me a client nounce and matching MD5-sess HA1 for my account
       * realm (from server)
       * server nounce (from server)
       * optionally login name (from user) in case the user has multiple
stored credentials in the same realm.


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