RE: [squid-users] squid 2.5.STABLE4 + FreeBSD 5.x = crash after a while...

From: Evren Yurtesen <>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 15:19:17 +0200 (EET)

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Elsen Marc wrote:

> > Hello,
> >
> > I have been using squid 2.5 stable for a while with 4.9
> > version of FreeBSD
> > and it was working fine for months. Now I had to upgrade to
> > 5.x version to
> > get better support for hyperthreading and sata drives.
> > When I am using squid with 5.x version of the freebsd. It
> > crash after 1-3
> > days of usage randomly.
> >
> > The symptoms are that squid use 98% of the cpu and it doesnt respond.
> > It just stucks and I cant even send kill -TERM signal to it.
> > I have tried
> > using half closed clients option on and off in my conf file
> > with the same
> > result.
> >
> > Is there anybody else who is having similar problem? I dont
> > have any ACLs
> > at all and the same conf file of squid was working with 4.9
> > stable anyhow.
> >
> > Any suggestions?
> - which 2.5 stable release are you using ?
> - Does squid crash or just consumes lot's of CPU ?
> - Anyway whatever, anything in cache.log which could provide
> more info ?
> Or error related info in cache.log, prior to the real problem
> situation you are encountering at a certain point ?
> - Possibly weird incompat. issues related to os 'offered' shared libs
> may be a culprit. Did you try re-building squid ?

- I have been using multiple 2.5 stable releases from latest nightly
snapshots for few months. I got newest versions and compiled 4-5 times.
All with the same result.

- Well, it is consuming a lot of cpu, and doesnt respond(crash?) at the
same time. It doesnt answer to its port, it doesnt respond to the -k
shutdown or kill -TERM [pid] commands.

- I have checked the cache log every time this happened. It just has
something else as the last entry. Usually its something about illegal
domain names, some people always enter some domain names which are totally
wrong. I doubt the problem is something about that. I also check the
operating system's logs like messages file etc. There is absolutely
nothing. I check the memory status and shared memory status. I didnt see
anything weird.

- I have tried rebuilding the OS and the squid. I think FreeBSD was about
version 5.1 when I started using the 5.x versions and now its almost 5.3
version. Everytime I recompiled the operating system from sources. I also
downloaded the latest snapshot of squid and compiled it too. Here are my
configure arguments

--enable-err-language=Turkish --enable-removal-policies=heap
--disable-hostname-checks --enable-storeio=diskd --enable-icmp

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