[squid-users] Progress on Squid and Search Engines

From: OTR Comm <otrcomm@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 07:38:21 -0700

Okay, I figured out (sort of) how the purge utility is extracting the
url from the file header.

Now, how does squid which cache file goes with which cache file. For
example, I completely erased all my cache files and started over with a
clean slate. Then I went to http://www.openldap.org/ and checked the
cache. There were four files, one for the html code
(.../var/cache/00/00/00000000) and three for the three gifs
(00000001,00000002, and 00000003) that appear at the website.

Now my question is, how does squid know which of these cached gifs is
which when it is reconstructing the openldap.org index.html page when/if
it needs to? I mean, is there some kind of mapping internal to the
cached files, or some other table, that squid uses for reconstruction?


Murrah Boswell
Received on Mon Feb 09 2004 - 07:38:47 MST

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