Re: [squid-users] Is it possible to handle 200reqs/s?

From: Peter van der Does <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 15:24:34 +0100

To give you an idea:
Pentium III - 1Ghz, 1,5 GB Ram, RedHat 7.3 about 4000 clients accessing
the server.

Normally we have a 3Mbps line for our users and we handle 160Req/sec
but we once gave the users 5Mbps and we handled 220 Reqs/sec. So I'm not
sure what the limit is of this machine.
BTW before optimizing squid we could only handle 60 Reqs/sec.
Optimizing is neccesary, the default of squid isn't really good for big


>>> Andriy Korud <> 11-02-2004 15:02:16 >>>
I wonder if Squid can handle load on single machine (with traffic
15Mbps)? If anybody achieved that, can you please share on which
that was done?
I have Xeon 2.8/1G RAM, 2x15k SCSI disks dedicated for chache (OS will
be Linux
or FreeBSD) - so, what can I expect from Squid on such hardware?

Thanks in advance,
Andriy Korud.
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