[squid-users] Squid optimize settings

From: Peter van der Does <peter.vanderdoes@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 11:22:39 +0100


It's fairly easy to optimize:

Re-compiled squid to handle 8192 filehandles, we ran into problems
there after a while.

Settings in squid.conf
dns_children 32
cache_dir aufs /var/cache/cacheA 1000 16 256
cache_mem 450 MB

Now use as much cache_mem as you can, that really makes a difference.
Don't use all your memory for caching. I remember reading you should use
half of your free memory but I can't remember on what site I read that.

We're using a very small cache_dir as we also have a second cache on
the outside of our firewall. There is where we have our major
cache_dir aufs /cache/cacheA 16000 32 256
cache_dir aufs /cache/cacheB 16000 32 256
cache_dir aufs /var/cache/cacheC 14000 32 256

Our filesystem is EXT3, as far as I read it's better to use ReiserFS
altho people differ on that as well.
I'm sure there are more things we could do but nobody is complaining
anymore and the effort of optimizing the last few bits and bytes isn't
worth it.
Besides, like i said earlier it seems like our line speed is holding us
back more as squid is at the moment.

In follow-up to Henrik's mail:
We used diskd at first but afer switchting to aufs the system became
more stable.
We are not running the cache on a separate drive but that would surely
make a difference. The first implementation of the linux system could
have been better, if we would have set up a new squid machine we would
make that change as well.

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