[squid-users] Problem with ACLs and access

From: <mclinden@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 10:33:40 -0500

First, I've read the FAQ and searched this list and tried various
incantations of the configuration, below, but it simply isn't doing what I
expect. What I want to do is to allow access from two networks: (split subnet)

Deny access to
Deny access to everyone else.

my acls are:

acl all src
acl nw1 src
acl nw2 src
acl block src


http_access deny block
http_access allow nw1
http_access allow nw2
http_access deny all

But instead of having the desired effect, I seem to be blocking all
access. This is squid-2.5-STABLE4.

Thanks in advance.

Sean McLinden
Allegheny County Health Department
Received on Thu Feb 12 2004 - 08:48:43 MST

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