[squid-users] RE: Windows Media Player 9 reverts to basic authentication after NTLM failure?

From: <mwestern@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 12:20:45 +1030

Sorry to reply to my own post. it may not be basic auth because when the
box pops up a simple username password will not work. it requires
domain/username password. this is obviously not basic auth, but ntlm??

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Subject: Windows Media Player 9 reverts to basic authentication after
NTLM failure?

Hi All,
IE6 SP1, XP all latest winBLOWS updates. latest security fix has broken
Windows Media player NTLM auth.

I thought at first it was the problem mentioned in this thread

I've worked through that. my wininet.dll is 6.0.2800.1400, i've tried
making "ERR_CACHE_ACCESS_DENIED message larger than 1460 bytes. "
substansially larger as suggested by Henrik.

But it's not IE that is the problem, it's windows media player 9. it
takes 20 seconds to timeout and throw up a dialog box that prompts for a
username password, and if i retype password it works, using basic auth which
I have turned on for our linux users.

actually browsing works in WMP, but as soon as i click an audio link it has
the problem.

to test:

start, run, wmplayer, wait for page. click seal (or anything else that
takes your fancy), select an audio link and wait....

squid 2.5_Stable3

1076636556.018 221 TCP_MISS/200 2799 GET
AA9.jpg lonsdale\mwestern DIRECT/ image/jpeg
1076636556.065 221 TCP_MISS/200 2393 GET
3DD.jpg lonsdale\mwestern DIRECT/ image/jpeg
1076636556.107 218 TCP_MISS/200 2078 GET
E2D.jpg lonsdale\mwestern DIRECT/ image/jpeg
1076636556.128 225 TCP_MISS/200 3067 GET
8C7.jpg lonsdale\mwestern DIRECT/ image/jpeg
1076636571.445 502 TCP_MISS/302 190 GET
lonsdale\mwestern DIRECT/ -
1076636572.541 1095 TCP_MISS/200 579 GET
lonsdale\mwestern DIRECT/ video/x-ms-asf
1076636598.950 11 TCP_DENIED/407 1906 GET
0.wmv - NONE/- text/html

I don't want to just upgrade to 2.5_Stable4 *unless* i know that this is
fixed. at least not in a hurry. i will eventually, but it's a
production server.

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