[squid-users] FW: Proxy High-Port Numbers

From: Tan, Kian Tiong <kiantiong.tan@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 17:42:22 +0800

> Hello,
> Can anyone please explain a work-around for a problem that I am
> having.
> I have an application running on port x . Whenever a HTTP request is
> made on port x, the application redirects it to a random high port. This
> isn't an issue, until someone tries to access it from another network
> segment.
> The caller first goes through a Lingate Proxy request (located at
> the customer's gateway) which redirects all requests to a portal on my
> network. Apache is listening on this portal, and using <IfModule
> mod_proxy.c> on apache the request is "proxy" to the application on a
> different node on port x.
> Looking through the access.log & error.log on apache, I see the
> request coming in, and going through to the node on port x. That's it. No
> error, and no requests coming back from the node running the application
> on port x.
> Anyone can shed some light on this ?
> regards & Thanks
> S J Menon
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