[squid-users] Files not cached

From: Markus Linke <markus.linke@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 15:23:23 +0100


 I am a new user to squid (and this mailing-list) and I have a question
 regarding the caching of files.

 The system is a new redhat 9 system with pre-configured squid. I checked
 configuration parameters and it seems to be fine for our needs. Looking at
 the (access) log-file I can see that for most of the pages I get "hits"
 instead of "miss"es.


 We are trying to use "Host on Demand" from IBM and there is something
 a "cached client". Because we have very slow connections to our locations
 want the proxy to cache the installation files (which are *.cab files) and
 they are not cached.

 I tested XLS and DOC files and they are cached, PDFs seem not to be cached.

 I found a parameter for a "maximum size" but our files are smaller than
 defined there.

 Does anybody have an idea if I need to set-up the filetypes which should be
 cached and if so, how I do that. Any other hint in the right direction
 be very much appreciated too!

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