[squid-users] FW: isee and squid

From: Emiel van Kalken <wamiel@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 10:06:50 +0100

hi there,

I was wondering whether more people have configured ISEE to access the
internet through a proxy server. I do get the install of ISEE to work
three default messages in ISEE), but I do get these errors in the
mad.log :

190204 12:18:55.711 ERROR,[Comm] comm.cpp:989 NetworkException (10):
d(): recv() timeout [[]]

190204 12:18:55.711 ERROR,[Comm] sendReceive FAILED
190204 12:18:55.712 ERROR,[Comm] NetworkException (10): Socket::read():
recv() t
imeout [[]]

HP support told me it ws a problem in my proxy or firewall
Our firewall is managed by a third party supplier, so I want to be sure
whether my squid config needs special changes for ISEE to work before I
contact our firewall maintainer.

I'm using squid version 2.4 STABLE 6 with authentication module
smb_auth. I
already disabled the authentication module to make sure it wasn't the
problem. That didn't solve the problem.

thanks for your suggestions

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