Re: [squid-users] acl for parent cache

From: Muthukumar <>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 19:50:20 +0530

> My squid is using a parent cache including the option prefer_direct.
> However I do not want squid to send requests in the form http://n.n.n.n/
> to the parent where 'n' is a number. I am setting up an acl in the form of

I think You are trying to block to the URL's with the ip-address of local server's.
I have tried with the
    acl by_ip url_regex http://[\d,.]\{8,15\}/
acl in my cache to reject the url with the numbers.
But it is not working.

Try this out.
    acl by_ip urlpath_regex \.com
    http_access deny !by_ip

> acl by_ip url_regex http://[\d,.]\{8,15\}/
> cache_peer my_parent_cache parent 3128 3130 prefer_direct
> cache_peer_access my_parent_cache deny by_ip
> cache_peer_access my_parent_cache allow all
> before i change the squid configuration I need to make sure about two
> things. First does the regex look OK? I have read the meta character
> \{i,j\} may not be supported by all applications. Is it supported by
> squid-2.4 in linux platform?
> The other question I have is that the above block of acl can be placed
> anywhere in squid.conf?

But be aware to put them before the http_access rules.

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