RE: [squid-users] Redirecting Windows Update

From: Scott Phalen <>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 11:12:08 -0600

Actually, it is a mirror of Microsoft's Update Service. All updates (my
concern is Critical Updates) are downloaded locally and by changing the
"wuserver" registry key on the client machine, they get their critical
updates via MSUS locally. Essentially the same as going out to Microsoft's
servers but saving loads of bandwidth.

Is there a way to redirect a specific URL in squid to a web server inside
the network?

Scott Phalen

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At 15.18 21/02/2004, Scott Phalen wrote:

>I have two Windows Update servers internal in my network. By changing
>certain registry keys I can have the clients use those servers to download
>updates. Unfortunately I have 3000+ computers and changing them all is
>nearly impossible.

I think you are using two Software Update Services (SUS) installation.

>Does anyone have a config I could use to redirect all
> updates OR a link to show me how to create this

I think that this cannot be done for many reasons:

- SUS doesn't mirror all Windows Update services
- All updates are digitally signed and verified, so you cannot fake the
Windows update site.



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