[squid-users] NTLM auth failed only for some client

From: <sdavy@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 13:40:50 +0100

Hello everybody,

I've setup a Squid 2.5STABLE4 with ntlm authentication using Samba 3.0.1
authenticators and it works fine, except for some clients which randomly
can not access some sites. Then, I can see these error messages in my

[2004/02/24 13:05:55, 1] utils/ntlm_auth.c:manage_squid_request(1095)
  fgets() failed! dying..... errno=0 (Error 0)

the failing client is WinXP, and it works again after closing and reopening
the browser. I use a cache_peer as parent to access Internet. I know that
NTLM problems have been discussed recently, and I remember that some of you
talked about a patch. Where can I find this patch? Do you think it can be
related to NTLM version in use?

Thanks a lot

Stéphane Davy - Consultant Alcôve
Architecture technique
BICS - Banque Populaire
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