Re: [squid-users] Upload bandwidth limits (was: Putting upper limit on Uploading.)

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 20:29:45 +0100 (CET)

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004, Mihai BUHA wrote:

> I would like to limit the bandwidth that users in my network use
> to upload stuff.
> I want to state that conventional traffic shaping (CBQ, HTB &
> co.) has absolutely no way to know about the intricate acl system
> in my squid.conf.

Either of tcp_outgoing_tos or tcp_outgoing_address can be used for
provided access control hints to traffic shapers if required.

> I believe that the proper way to do it would be a duplicate set
> of delay pools with separate but similar configuration directives
> which would only apply on the uploading part of the data
> streams. Most of the code should be reused from the current
> delay pools, I suppose...

Of course something like delay pools can be implemented for uploaded traffic
as well. It is just a matter of having it implemented.

Now I have no intention to claim the following applies to you, but history
has shown that many people seem to be offended if the answer to their
question is that the feature they ask for is not yet implemented in Squid
because nobody has needed it badly enough to see to have it implemented
and that they are welcome to see to have it implemented. Because of this I
usually don't answer with this answer if there is alternative approaches
which could solve the problem.

Open source is a community thing, and gets developed by the community. The
more active the community is in the development of an opens source
project, the more progress the project makes.

Some years ago Squid had the fortune of being sponsored (indirectly) by a
US government contract. This is no longer the case and the current
development is mostly driven by a few individuals mostly on spare time

A more active participation in the development process by members of the
Squid community is highly welcomed by the current developers. If there is
interest in this please contact and pay a visit

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