[squid-users] errorpage.cc and errorConvert question

From: OTR Comm <otrcomm@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 20:45:48 -0700


I added an additional case to errorConvert, just for debugging, i.e.,

    case 'C':
        if (r->auth_user_request) {
          p = "[UNKNOWN]";
        } else {
          p = "[unknown]";

I wanted to see if r->auth_user_request is true in errorConvert.

Then I modified my query string in ERR_FORWARDING_DENIED to pickup the
value for 'C', i.e.,


But %C doesn't pickup either value from the case statement. %U does
pickup the URL, but it is like the case for 'C' is ignored.

What have I missed here?

Murrah Boswell

By the way, just an observation, at other case statements in
errorConvert, 'unknown' is misspelled
at cases 'M' and 'P' where it is spelled 'unkown'. Just an editorial
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