[squid-users] About access.log

From: Andrej G. Zadorozhnyj <zag@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 15:46:43 +0500

I next problem: user "kgi" from NT domen "sdpmz" browses www.ya.ru. In
access.log I see next information: TCP_DENIED/407 1673 GET http://ya.ru/ - NONE/- TCP_DENIED/407 1673 GET http://ya.ru/ - NONE/- TCP_MISS/200 1566 GET http://ya.ru/ - DIRECT/ TCP_DENIED/407 1730 GET http://www.yandex.ru/yandsearch? -NONE/- TCP_DENIED/407 1730 GET http://www.yandex.ru/yandsearch? -NONE/- TCP_MISS/200 5845 GET http://www.yandex.ru/yandsearch? sdpmz\kgi
First and second string say me about auth process and in third string I want
see "domain\user", but it is in sixth string, after user "kgi" completed his
I use FreeBSD 4.9, Squid 2.5.4 (last update) and Samba 2.2.8a with winbind
and wb_group external_acl_helper.
Can anybody explain me second string in access.log and why I don't see
domain\username in second string?
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