[squid-users] About Cache Digest

From: Zhou, Bo\(Bram\) <bramzhou@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 11:44:19 +0800


I'm now planning to use cache digest and having some questions are not
clear. Hope someone can help to clarify.

1. How often local host fetch the digest from peers? Any timer controls or
just checks if the cache digests are expired? Some hard-coded timers,
PeerDigestReqMinGap and GlobDigestReqMinGap in peer_digest.c, are defined in
the source codes, what's purpose of these timers? When will these timers be
started and stopped?

2. For digest_rebuild_chunk_percentage, if I define it 10%, does that mean
Squid will add more 10% cache to digest for each digest_rebuild_period
interval or within digest_rebuild_period interval but finish processing
other user requests?


Thanks a lot.

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