Re: [squid-users] Bad performance ...

From: Joel Jaeggli <>
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2008 11:36:09 -0700

Ramiro Sabastta wrote:
> Hi !!!
> I installed squid on a Debian box, with 1Gb of RAM, 160 Gb of disk
> and AMD Optreon Dual Core, in transparent mode.
> I configured a cache of 100Gb on disk with aufs.

what's you're cache mem set to?

it's likely that you need more ram or less cache.

If the system has only a single disk and you're dealing with more that
50 requests per second it is likely that your system is sitting around
in i/o wait and more spindles would help a lot.

> The squid works fine most of the time, but at some specific moment of
> the day (for example at 6 am) the TCP transfer duration growth from 5
> seconds (this is the average) to 30 seconds aproximately.
> I think that it's something related with te box, not the squid or the
> traffic, because this situation occurs for a little period of time,
> when the traffic is high and sometimes, when the traffic is low too.
> Do you think If I change de cache_dir method to diskd o coss, I will
> have better performance?
> Any Help?
> Thanks a lot !!!
> Kind regards.
> Ramiro
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