Re: [squid-users] Chat Apps getting blocked

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 19:04:03 +1200

Odhiambo Washington wrote:
> Hi Amos,
> Thank you so much. This now works after I created an ACL for them.
> PS: Does everyone on this list get some e-mail from ANTIGEN blah on
> some exchange server whenever they send mail to the list or is it just
> me?

You're the first to mention it about Antigen. I usually get 'bad word
filter' messages from a bunch of schools when I mention "127.x.x.x/8" or
the like.

If you check one of the bounces you should be able to see if its
directly to you or through the list. Anything like this going through
the list needs reporting to

> For every post to the list, I get a response with the following data
> in the body:
> <begin quote>
> Microsoft Antigen for Exchange found a message matching a filter. The
> message is currently Identified.
> Message: "SUSPECT MAIL_ _squid_users_ Access Controls using MAC address"
> Filter name: "KEYWORD= profanity: bastards;sexual discrimination: bastards"
> Sent from: "Odhiambo Washington"
> Folder: "SMTP Messages\Inbound"
> Location: "tesco/First Administrative Group/SW2KE"
> </end quote>
> It's very annoying and I always wonder if squid-users is hosted on a
> M$ Exchange platform:-)
> Anyone has a clue as to why I always get this?

Mails you send to the list have you as the sender. One of the other list
members is behind an annoying 'bad words' filter.

You should try to let them know its broken. Or worst-case respond in
kind by blocking their email to you.


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