[squid-users] Squid 2.6 STABLE 6 in reverse-proxy mode with http data content dynamic modification

From: Sylvain Beaux <sylvain.beaux@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 16:34:14 +0200

Hi all,

I'm trying to use squid in reverse-proxy mode with 2 back-end Web
servers (Web Srv 1 and Web Srv 2),
a remote user can request those servers with Squid public FQDNs:

              internet lan
user <-------------------> squid <-------------------> Web Server 1
         [squid1-pub-fqdn] [websrv1-priv-fqdn]

                                  <-------------------> Web Server 2
         [squid2-pub-fqdn] [websrv2-priv-fqdn]

I have installed and configured squid successfully to map the public
FQDN to the private FQDN.

But, after many unsuccessfull google searches, I would like to know if
it's possible to dynamically modify the HTML content of the HTTP response.

example 1:
1) the user sends a GET request to the Squid1 public FQDN :
    HTTP 1.1 GET /

2) Squid forwards this request to the WebSrv1

3) the WEB Srv 1 sends a HTML page to Squid :
    HTTP 1.1 200 OK
        <a href=***WebSrv2-priv-fqdn***>

4) Squid parse the HTML data to modify
    HTTP 1.1 200 OK
        <a href=***WebSrv2-priv-fqdn***>


    HTTP 1.1 200 OK
        <a href=***Squid2-pub-fqdn***>

    and forwards the modified page to the user.

example 2:
1) idem
2) idem
3) the WEB Srv 1 sends a HTTP redirection to the Web Srv 2:
    HTTP 1.1 302 move Temporally
    Location : ***WebSrv2-priv-fqdn***

4) Squid modify the location header
    Location : ***WebSrv2-priv-fqdn*** into
    Location : ***Squid2-pub-fqdn***
    and forwards the modified redirection to the user.

Is it a Squid possible feature ?
If not, is it possible to dev (Existant API ? ) a module that can parse
the http responses and dynamically modify theirs content ?


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