Re: [squid-users] Site filtering issue.... Resolved

From: Chris Robertson <>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 14:37:08 -0800

Sheldon Carvalho wrote:
> Thanks for the reply Felix. I guess that must have helped. I did as
> you said but that seem to block all the sites. Which made me think
> that the order of the commands make a difference. Which is why, I
> followed the default squid.conf file and put the commands in some what
> the same order as it is on there. I also had to add in some other
> syntax's
> Well, I have a working squid now. It was just the order that was
> messing up everything.
> Here is the working config.
> I will try to setup SARG along with squid. Lets hope it goes well.
> squid.conf
> --------------
> acl all src
> acl manager proto cache_object
> acl localhost src
> acl our_network src
> acl to_localhost dst
> acl mail_blacklist dstdom_regex "/etc/squid/blacklist/mail/domains"
> acl torrent_blacklist dstdom_regex "/etc/squid/blacklist/torrent/domains"
> http_access allow custom_allowed_domains

This should probably be...

http_access allow our_network custom_allowed_domains you don't end up being an open proxy for anything in your
"custom_allowed_domains" file. Have a look at the FAQ
( for more details.

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