[squid-users] squid_session

From: Emanuel dos Reis Rodrigues <emanueldosreis@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 18:42:02 -0400

I need display one splash page in the fisrt logon ... I see the helper
squid_session .... and try configuring , but dont working ... with the
follow config:

external_acl_type session ttl=300 negative_ttl=0 children=1
concurrency=200 %LOGIN /usr/lib/squid/squid_session

acl session external session

http_access deny !session

deny_info session

when I access to everone site, always redirect to ...

Somebody have the configuration working fine ?

I like use to the autentication feature with squid_session ....

this is possible ?

I use squid 2.6

tanks ,
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