Re: [squid-users], warning

From: Guido Serassio <>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 21:16:36 +0200


At 18.01 16/10/2008, Mr Lyphifco wrote:
>It seems that the site is trying to masquerade as an
>official website for Mr Serassio's Windows port of Squid. It doesn't
>explicitly state this, but the wording of the site contents strongly implies
>such a thing.
>Also it was entered into a new Wikipedia article on SquidNT as the homepage:
>I suspect blog-spam of some sort.

Thanks for your report.

The site seems deliberately incomplete

SquidNT was the name of the Windows port project of Squid 2.5.
Starting from Squid 2.6 STABLE4 Windows is an official Squid 2
platform, and the official sources can be compiled on Windows without
changes. So SquidNT is the name of a complete project.

I think that the Wikipedia page and the Squid FAQ page should me more
accurate about this.
So I have just updated the Wiki page:

Please, do you can update again the Wikipedia page ?




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