[squid-users] NTLM Authentication working against Samba 3 PDC, except for random login prompts

From: Adam McCarthy <zeroonetwothree_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 10:40:27 -0500

I have Squid 2.7 authenticating against a Samba 3 PDC.

All seems to work well and Squid defiantly is able to tell what
username is browsing what site.

My only problem is, every now and then, while browsing, it will work,
then suddenly Firefox appearntly because of Squid, will ask for the
username and password, then it all works well again, until the prompt
randomly shows up again.

Also, if you are browsing as a "limited" user, or just a proxy_auth
user that has sites blocked, can you somehow temporarily login to
Squid as another user, but then immediately when done, have it go back
to the regular user. Almost like Window's RunAs function.
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