[squid-users] Partition suggestions for Squid using a 500Gb drive?

From: Ed Flecko <edflecko_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 13:17:49 -0800

Hi folks,
I'm setting up an OpenBSD 4.4 box with a 500Gb drive as my proxy
server, and I've looked but didn't find any "rule of thumbs" for
setting up Squid using a large hard drive (if there is one, I'm happy
to read...just point me to it).

It's my understanding that Squid doesn't really need a fast processor,
so I've set up a 1U server with an Intel Celeron D 330J 2.66GHz
processor and 16G of memory. The server will not have X installed, in
fact, it's only purpose is to be a proxy server.

There will be, at most, 2 other users with user accounts on this
server, and they will only be administering it; not installing
software or anything else.

Here's the partition setup on how I've installed the OS:

/ 1G
swap 16G
/tmp 1G
/var 160G
/usr 160G
/home 160G

I have no idea if this setup is good or bad, and I welcome ALL of your
suggestions as I'm new to Squid (and fairly new to OpenBSD).

In addition to buying OpenBSD (thanks all for a great OS!!!) "Squid:
The Definitive Guide" for guidance in setting up squid. I'll be using
the "default" recommendations in this book to configure Squid, so if
anyone has any suggestions on any "tweaks" I might want to consider,
well hey...I'm all ears.

Comments? Suggestions?

Thank you!
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