RE: [squid-users] parseHTTPRequest problem with SQUID3

From: Gregori Parker <>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 10:09:08 -0800

> Not fully 1.1, but from (0.9 + 1.0) to fully 1.0 + partial 1.1. Which
> weird because 2.6 went almost fully 1.0 as well quite a while back.

I wish changes like this were called out in the release notes

> always_direct prevents the requests going through peers. Nothing more.
> if the domain itself resolves to allow direct requests its okay, but
> accelerators should be setup so the domain resolves to Squid which can
> cause issues.

That was the intention...I don't want Squid checking siblings for
healthchecks, so I'll keep the always_direct line in addition to the
cache deny.

> Yes, to prevent storing them use 'cache deny HealthChecks'.
> To prevent logging use 'access_log ... !HealthChecks'

Done. I already had the logging configured as such, just omitted it
from my message because it was extraneous to the discussion.

> Okay. That confirms my idea that the HealthChecks request is missing
> the 'HTTP/1.0' part of the request string. The first line of every
> accelerated request should look something like this:
> "GET /mgmt/alive HTTP/1.0\n"

Is there any possibility of restoring 0.9 support in Squid3? I can
always have my load-balancer format the requests to contain the
HTTP/1.0\n, but that seems like a real hidden gotcha for anyone
migrating from 2.6 to 3.0 - which is fine, as long as it's called out in
the release notes.

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