Re: [squid-users] Someone's using my cache?

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:48:07 +0100

On ons, 2008-11-12 at 16:18 -0600, wrote:
> Any chance someone could give me a working config to get me started?
> -The server has 2GB of memory and 1TB of space which is can use. There is nothing else running on it, this is all it will do, be a reverse proxy.
> -1 public IP to a named based web server hosting a dozen sites.
> -Squid used as a proxy server for http/https at
> -The web server/s are identical, at and on the lan, same segment as the squid is.
> I can either load balance between the two but since is really just a backup and much slower, it would be best to use this one as a fail over.
> Not sure what other info is required?
> Mike

Basic setup:

Load balancing:

for failover, simply don't specify a load balancing method. For clarity
you can mark the preferred one with default but the order in squid.conf
does pretty much the same..

see cache_dir, cache_mem and FAQ on memory usage.

How much memory do I need in my Squid server?

There isn't very much documentation on the https support unfortunately,
but it's pretty much the same except for https_port (and corresponding
certificates) and the ssl option to cache_peer if the backend is using
https as well.

There is some https examples in the wiki


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