[squid-users] problem with reply_body_max_size and external ACL

From: Razvan Grigore <esteticu_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 14:53:44 +0200


I recently updated to squid3.0/STABLE10 and I'm trying to configure a
working solution integrated with MS Active directory.

Group checking is working fine, but reply_body_max_size is not working
with my external acl helper.

here's the relevant config part:

external_acl_type ad_group children=3 ttl=120 %LOGIN

acl limitadownload external ad_group o-ro-cod-internet-limitadownload

acl intranet src

if i try:

reply_body_max_size 15 MB intranet
reply_body_max_size 500 KB all

It works as expected.

however, if i try:

reply_body_max_size 15 MB limitadownload all (even without all)
reply_body_max_size 500 KB all

it's not working at all, it gives me 500 kb limit.

I should mention that wbinfo_group.pl is giving me OK in command promt
when checking the group membership.

What should I do?
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