RE: [squid-users] Squid stops suddenly

From: Marcel Grandemange <>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 17:14:14 +0200

>> After debugin ate level 3
>> I realize this error happens when analizin http_reply_access with user
> acl.
>>> Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz wrote:
>>>> Using squid 3 stable 9, with digest ldap auth, randomly i got this:
>>>> assertion failed:
>>>> "authenticateValidateUser(auth_user_request)"
>>>> later, squid dies
>>>> Any comment?
>>> Looks similar to one of the open bugs, but not the same one.
>>> Can you report as a new bug with full stack trace of the assertion and a
>>> detailed cache.log trace leading up to it please?
>> Are you able to get a stack trace when it occurs?
> Apologies, not programmer so no idea what this is.

>It's what you get from the core dump that shows whats happening inside
>Squid when it breaks.

>Here's how to find it:

Thank you, will see if I can re-create this problem on another machine and
learn a little more ;>

As for the problem went away entirely with current config but downgrade to

>> And what is your full config (without comments) please? If you need to
>> you can send it privately.
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