[squid-users] squid 3.0 + POST method + reqmod

From: Philipp <mailinglists_at_belfin.ch>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 13:35:42 +0100 (CET)


I've been testing Squid's icap client (Squid 3.0Stable10) together with a
trial license of Kaspersky's kav4proxy version 5.5.51.

On specific websites I get a status 400 from the icap server when POST is
used together with icap reqmod.

Of course once just could deny the POST method for reqmod or just run
respmod while disabling reqmod. So, there is a workaround.

The issue is reproducable on these webpages:
http://www.jobs.ch/suche/Electronic-Mechanics-Engineering/72/0 and then
select something from the 'Select region' bar.
http://www.brack.ch --> click on the 'Anmelden' button

I made packet dumps of the failed reqmod and compared them to RFC 3507.
The client's reqmod looks sane to me. I do not understand why it results
into status 400.

If interested I can attach the dumps in a later mail.

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